Welcome to Sankofa Family Ventures

Investing in a more inclusive, equitable future.

Sankofa Family Ventures, LLC is an organization pursuing social justice through investment in funds that envision a more inclusive, equitable future.

At Sankofa Family Ventures, we are committed to transforming economic and commercial empowerment by empowering individuals who share our values and vision. Through proactive efforts to collaborate with trusted friends, colleagues, and partners of integrity, we seek to channel capital towards building equity and generational wealth for our families and communities. Our goal is to drive meaningful change and create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Our mission

Sankofa Family Ventures aims to put capital to work in the hands of those who look, think, and work like us to change the face of economic and commercial empowerment while building equity and generational wealth for our families by proactively seeking out and working with friends, colleagues, and connections who are outstanding partners and allies of integrity.

Our History

Sankofa Family Ventures was born out of a conversation between Paul Williams and Debon Lewis, but it was the events of 2020 that made the need for our organization more apparent and urgent. With the death of George Floyd and the ongoing effects of oppressive policies, we knew we needed to take action. Paul Williams rallied his network of talented and diverse individuals to create Sankofa Family Ventures. We officially incorporated our organization in February 2021, and we made our first investment in June 2021.

Our Core Principles



Prioritize fund managers & entrepreneurs of color

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Inclusion for Disruption